Creature Tokens are collectible NFTs which each represent an animal from an important habitat.  Each collectible contains a certain number of Sustainable Development Goal tokens (SDGs) which come from Carbon Offsets, so by purchasing a Creature Token, you are also helping to offset your carbon footprint.  When you purchase a new creature token, it doesn't have a name, so you get to name it. 

Your collection of Creature Tokens can all be contained in a virtual habitat which you can customize.  Your creatures are always for sale, but if you like one in particular, you can prevent anyone from buying it by providing it a good habitat to live in protecting it from poachers, and making sure it is well fed with Carbon offsets and SDGs. 


Build a habitat based on the coffee growing districts of the world, a mangrove, a rain forest, Tundra, a freshwater lake, or the high mountains. The more you learn about your habitat and the endangered animals in it, the better you can build and protect it.


20% of all purchases are directed toward the purchase of carbon offsets from environmental projects in that animals real world home.


Fight climate change, collect creatures, and have fun while

by supporting environmental projects around the world.

Adopt a Creature / Build a Habitat




To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.