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We help companies, brands and other organizations to maximize climate impact with their customers and followers. Our tokenization platform for creating, promoting, and selling green, impact NFTs helps businesses become socially and environmentally engaged, one impact NFT at a time!

OFFset your

carbon footprint

We make it easy to participate and play your part in saving the planet.

Established seven years ago

Stand for Trees has sequestered 350K tons of carbon and in the process saved approximately 3.5 million mature trees and the habitats of endangered creatures. Stand for Trees has Individual and Business programs so everyone can be carbon neutral. 

Carbon Creatures are carbon backed NFT’s featuring fun collections of trees, endangered creatures and habitat. The majority of the sales from every NFT sold, retires carbon from a registered carbon project. Our NFT’s are minted on Polygon which are 99.9% more energy efficient than Ethereum.  

Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator

Allows your customers to calculate and offset their personal carbon footprint, one-off payments and subscriptions available.

Widgets & Apis

Embed our customizable travel widget into your website, app or POS for you and your customers to offset their travel carbon footprint.

Business Program

Go carbon neutral using our comprehensive business calculator or make a fixed payment, business badges and retired carbon certificates awarded.

Carbon backed NFT's

Award your customers with fun collectible carbon backed NFT's to promote that you have offset your business carbon footprint.

Event App

Make your conference, show or sports event carbon neutral by offering your customers the choice to purchase carbon backed NFT's.

Loyalty Program NFT's

Add value to a new or existing loyalty program by providing bespoke carbon backed collectible NFT's and habitat as rewards.

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