Creature Name: Rangy Tangy

Creature Type: Borneo Orangutang

Number in Series: 5/15

Art by: Juan David Aristizabal

Virtual Creature: No

Link to Living Animal: Infite Earth

CO2 Attached: 1 tCO2

SDG GoalsProtect and restore the habitat of Borneo Orangutans, an endangered animal species. 

Issuer: Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

Sale % to Project: 20%

Number of times Sold: 5 (link)

Total Benefit Generate for Issuer: $915

Transaction History:

Initial Sale: $150 ($135 to Issuer)

Sale #2: $350 ($70 to Issuer)

Sale #3: $450 ($90 to Issuer)

Sale #4: $1100 ($220 to Issuer)

Sale #5: $2000 ($400 to Issuer)

Description: Orangutans are great apes now found only in parts of Borneo and Sumatra and who spend most of their time in trees. This Creature token was created by a 5 year old visitor to the Orangutan Center in the Rimba Raya preserve. Her parents donated $150 to the sanctuary when the token was minted and she named the baby Rangy Tangy and received a stuffed animal.