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We help companies, brands and other organizations to maximize climate impact with their customers and followers. Our tokenization platform for creating, promoting, and selling green, impact NFTs helps businesses become socially and environmentally engaged, one impact NFT at a time!

Community Engagement:

  • Engage your community with carbon backed NFTs

  • Destination, location and event tokens

  • Raise awareness on climate change

  • Community building for cause marketing

  • Gamify carbon offsetting

  • Carbon Metaverse (Carbonverse) development

  • Custom Carbon Calculators

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Digital Origination of Carbon

  • GIS Data, maping and monitoring

  • Packaging and merchandizing

  • Tokenization

  • Carbon Bridge


Retail Carbon Sales

  • Sell into traditional retail carbon vendors (API)

  • Sell into Web3 markets with integration

  • Embed carbon offset widgets and sales in your site and app

  • Develop retail carbon strategies


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