Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


  1. Don't have a Wallet?
    If you don't have a crypto wallet, don't worry, when you purchase with Meta Carbon using your Credit Card, we'll set you up with Wallet address for your NFT and we'll provide instructions on how to use Meta Mask and authenticate into the services provided in the Carbon Creatures website and metaverse.


  2. How does Minting Work?
    We started selling carbon creatures to a lucky, limited number of "insiders" on October 1st.  The initial price was $50, but has been going up as we get closer to our minting day on Oct 30th.  On Minting Day, we will mint Carbon Creatures to all pre-buyers, but like buying a pack of baseball cards or a booster pack of Magic the Gathering Cards, or an NBA Top Shot Starter pack, you don't know what creature you're going to get.  This is why some NFT collectors purchase multiple NFTs at mint time.


  3. Exclusive Pre Party:
    We're having an exclusive party where you can mint a Carbon Creature NFT for 0.05 Eth.  To attend this party, you need to have your wallet address on a white list.  To get on that white list go to


  4. Random Selection:
    We are working hard to ensure that all NFT minting is random.  Since we don't have all of our artwork complete, we plan to publish the hash of our NFT Trait Data online ensuring everyone knows mint distribution was not manipulated.


  5. What Carbon Credits has Meta Carbon purchased?
    Meta Carbon has already pre-purchased 200 tonnes of carbon offsets.  They are in 2 tranches of 100 Tonnes and the retirement details can be seen here: VCS-981 & VCS-1052.

    More carbon will be required.  When we sell 3,000 NFTs on Oct 30th, a minimum of another 3800 tCO2 will be required.  Depending on the sale price of all the NFTs, more will be required.  We could easily be required to purchase over USD $100,000 worth of carbon and while we plan to do that as quickly as possible, we are setting the expectation that it will happen in less then 30 days (Ts and Cs say we have 90 days to execute that transaction).  After the carbon is bought and retired, we will apply it all to the associated NFTs and you'll see the amount of CO2 in your Carbon Creature go up.


  6. Charity Donations:
    We have not done any charity donations yet, but we're working on vetting the charities for our first transactions.  First will be the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund.  We plan to work with the Rhino Forest Fund e.V. in Borneo which I met when I was visiting Orangutans in Borneo with my family.  We plan to support a turtle and mangrove charity in Cartagena, Colombia which I will visit in November.  We have also considered giving money to a larger foundation like The Nature Conservancy to ensure we are only giving to worthwhile causes.


  7. Accounting:
    We will provide an accounting update to credit card buyers, but that will be a small group of friends and family only.  Most Carbon Creatures will be sold in our Mint Events for Eth and the Smart Contract which governs and mints the Carbon Creatures will automatically deposit Eth into 4 accounts: one for Meta Carbon, One for Carbon, One for Charity, and one for the Startup Fund.  You can see these deposits and when we can not pay charities or pay for carbon in Eth, we will publish evidence of the donations.


  8. What is the Product Road Map?
    All NFT projects talk about roadmaps, but most have no purpose other than to sell often silly art.  In the case of Carbon Creatures, we have a real purpose and one that is especially well suited to Blockchain.  Our roadmap is somewhat proprietary and confidential (what the Board Ape Club calls "Dope Shit"), but I can share a high level overview:

  • Transparency and Fractionalization: Our #1 priority is putting in place the infrastructure necessary to make it simple and fun for you to see where all your money has gone and what environmental benefit was generated.  In this process we need to break up carbon offsets into denominations less than 1 tonne.

  • Gamification: We're planning a game map. It's going to be epic.  It's going to be educational.  It's going to be fun.  It's going to be catnip for the media.  Just think of everything you need to do to maintain a habitat for endangered species and you can get a feel for this.

  • Breeding.  hmmm...  stay tuned for such an exciting topic, but I'm sure you'll all want to do it.

    Got more questions?  Write to us at and we'll try to respond as quickly as possible.